Welcome to ûp.

Breakthrough business model creation for the modern-day technologist and beyond.

This is a marketplace, where innovators can create business models and sell their digital products, in their own shop, to a vast audience of interested global buyers.

Feel free to browse the current business models for sale on the ûp marketplace and when you’re ready, become an ûp merchant. ûp gets rid of the hassle, and brings real ROI to ideation. Allowing other leaders to do what they do best. Using quality control and community curation, ûp is pioneering within the startup arena.

The business model canvas has been popularized, and it’s encouraged, if you haven’t already to begin drafting on it. If you have an opportunity that you think would add-value to business modelling, please make contact. And apart from encapsulating a world-class marketplace, ûp is here to enable business model education, which is done on the blog.

Founded in 2014, and refined for 2016, the landscape is clear. There is a need for more innovation for startups, corporates, and SMEs alike, and ûp provides the business model, for business models.

The future is here, and there isn’t a better time to start designing your next big idea, so lets get going.

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