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Sell your business models to an innovation community of buyers on the business model marketplace

List your business models as standalone canvases, packages, or as a service. ûp offers competitive commission rates to ensure that there is liquidity within the marketplace. Using a thorough vetting process, only professionals that do premium work are approved. As the leader in business model eCommerce, ûp strives to make all clients and contributors happy. For quality assurance purposes, feedback is always encouraged.

Welcome to the future of business modelling.

How does it work

Uploading Business Models

You can upload your business model and related digital documents instantly, or you can offer your business model as a service, in which you will be a charging a flat consulting fee or business model sale price.

Business Model Pricing

You can price your business model or package at the rate that you think would be attractive to international buyers. ûp standard business model packages are $500, all other concepts are premium products.

Merchant and Business Model Approval Process

All merchant applications, are reviewed by ûp, and when approved, you can upload your business models and packages as you desire. Due diligence is conducted through the marketplace by ûp, seller and buyer.


Payments are made every 2 weeks to merchants. Premium products sales my need to be payed via wire or bank transfer. ûp accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Earn 50%

Earn 85%

Non-Exclusive Merchant

You sell your business models at different eCommerce locales.

Exclusive Merchant

You only sell your business models on ûp.

1. Login with LinkedIn

2. Apply to be a Merchant

3. List a Business Model Package

4. Promote Your Shop and Begin Selling


The Rules

Please respect the community and only upload what you are proud to sell.

  1. Each product must contain at least a digital business model canvas.
  2. Any other supporting digital documents, content and IP is encouraged.
  3. If you are including a domain and website, you are responsible for the transfer process.
  4. ûp works with buyers and sellers to reach a sale to ensure that it was a benefit to the market.
  5. Any business models uploaded by merchants, and merchant accounts, can be voided at any time.
  6. If the business model is not-instantly downloadable and is offered as a service (like concept packages offered by ûp), there is a 2 week completion window to the buyer for the merchant.
  7. Evaluations can be conducted by appraisers, although they may not be able to effect the cost of a package.
  8. Thorough due diligence is a top priority.
  9. There are no refunds.
  10. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
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