Circular and Grid Reasoning

June 15, 2016 - By 

The typical format for a business model canvas is both circular and grid based. The grid acts as the structure for input. Circular reasoning is what is the catalyst for the greater conceptual understanding. While one is more apparent then the other, they are both needed to help conduction within the modelling environment.

Who is to say whether you should start thinking circularly or use the grid as your base. Like the concept and model, they are intertwined. It can become easy to dispose of circular reasoning because there are only a few canvases that highlight such a shape. However, this often is the final result of completing the rest of most grids.

Combining these into a unified form, as far as the understanding of how to engage with each space, could be the next generation business model canvas that is sought. For now, accepting circular transfer of information, from a grid to another, is the way forward.

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