Concept or Model?

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A concept is not a model, and a model is not a concept. However if you are trying to establish a working model, the overarching concept that serves as the sphere to help describe why the model exists, then these can be interrelated. A model is the result of a concept. And a concept happens during a thought process and is what people can understand, if the model is effective.

Then why isn’t there a conceptual model canvas? This is because this type of canvas would actually detract from the ideation process. Concepts can have meaning, or none at all. This is why a model is the actual thing that needs to have an attached application.

At the end of the day, models rule and concepts are worthless. But models were grown from concepts, so they have the same value for the business modeller. If there was a better way to create, then this would be in place for entrepreneurs to use. But for the time being, the business model, which is an adaptation of conceptual practice, is the method of choice for rationalising the strengths and weaknesses of a new or existing venture.

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