Continuous Iteration is Good Practice

June 18, 2016 - By 

A business model is only worth what is relevant to a market. This is why it is essential to continuously improve upon your existing work. Some parts may remain to have value, while others will not. The important thing is to be able gauge what is timely and what should be shifted.

There are boundaries to how much iteration is needed, as you don’t want to continuously mend something that doesn’t need it. When you get proficient at the craft, it’l become more and more apparent how and when to change.

While the reason for improvement is what grows your concept, it’s also required that the format that you are using is a constant. This way the methodology that frames your existing and new ideas is a way for the person relating to the model, to become familiar with just the content, not the tools. As is learning, a model is never finished.

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