Creating a Story that Shapes Your Model

June 10, 2016 - By 

Within the confines of an effective business model, there is a story that brings together the pieces of your company’s identity. Sure there are parts that fall outside of this boundary, but these are not really that relevant to the customer. The customer is interested in knowing more about how their post-purchase is effected by the participants of your business model’s story.

The story must convey what makes the venture attractive to remember. Not just the monetary value, or the experience. But the thoughts that revolve around that decision to become involved with the machine of seemingly, profit.

Not all people are going to like your story, and not all business models will tell the right story. The important thing is to know when to proceed and when to stop structuring the business model along these lines. Any designer should be ready to communicate and deliver their science, in a form that an audience can relate to. Without this accordance, there is no meaning of real value, and the business model is merely a representation of an accounting statement.

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