Strategy as a Form of Progress

June 26, 2016 - By 

Pragmatically speaking, strategy and design are in the same basket. As such, business model conceptualisation allows for the progression of development of any current strategy. This transformative process can help describe the methods and reasoning as to why designers think a certain way.

In business model drafting, if it can be thought of that each building block is a transference of a wider strategy, then it can become more clear about the larger motivations of the canvas and company. This shaping of the designer and customer’s outlook is a good use of resources. Along with how the canvas gets to a sale, there is much to say about which choices of implementation really lead to the success of the company.

Onboarding the strategist designer to the understanding that what they are working on within a canvas and other IP, is improving their mentality and conceptual identity, is what can make or break a venture. When there is a synergy within these practices, the effectiveness of the business model increases substantially. This measured combinatorial approach is what distinguishes a model that works ongoing, and those that fail.

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