Superb Design is Functional Art

June 13, 2016 - By 

Can design be automated? Sure, but it’l never bridge the artistic creativity of emotion that humanity has become so good at. In the case of business model design, this also applies. The capability of AI to develop an effective model could happen, but there has to be a human touch involved. This brings into question the functionality of a good concept.

Who gets to decide what is good design and what is correct expression? This can not be automated, only the processes that soon discover errors can. Humans fall into this area, as being imperfect, like the business model. To only be improved upon through the next version.

Conceptual approaches to business building are a new part of entrepreneurialism for this century. Previous accounts had concept formation, but they ultimately became foundations of just the product. This changed again with the emergence of Silicon Valley and globalization. But now business modelling as a creative endeavor, couldn’t be more relevant to today’s growth of the entrepreneurial role in industry.

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