What Makes a Marketplace Effective?

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Marketplaces have been popular since the bazaar took hold centuries ago. Buyers and sellers converging to get the best price, on the best goods. There is an understanding that the quality of the transactions have to be a certain caliber and that the experience is that in which makes both parties come back to. There seems to be a marketplace for everything nowadays. From crafts to boutique wares, to automobiles, to electronics.

And some economic conditions favour the marketplace more than others. It has to be a free market. A certain amount of quality control and non-biased curation has to be there. What about the participants? A large population of people with a disposable income helps, both on the seller and buyer side to increase the liquidity and movement of merchandise. In eCommerce, these factors remain important, the only difference is the lack of personable interaction.

In an effort to continually strive towards optimisation, ûp is keen to improve on a daily basis. Attracting leading business modellers and designers, to an audience that makes the mark. Whether massive, or a niche, the marketplace business model serves as the basis for the building blocks of new venture creation. Stagnation in competition is not an issue, as the benefit of being a part of the ebb and flow of commerce, outweighs any inaction. This is the future of sharing and the continuation of modern entrepreneurial zeal.

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