Which Canvas Should I Use?

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Here at ûp, it’s recommended to use Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation canvas, which you can download here. He’s developed the canvas to be an optimised fit for entrepreneurs and has become a mainstay among the innovation community. However there are some other canvases that are worth checking out, as they may be more applicable to the concept that you are working on.

There is the Lean Canvas, Gassman Magic Triangle, SaaS Canvas, Happy Startup Canvas and Cause Effect Analysis and many other ways to formulate a business model that works for you. It can be a far better use of time, if you are developing a platform or wide product, to create your own canvas. This can then be retooled, and provide a solid structure in which you can structure the various parts of the company on an ongoing basis.

Non-dependent of the canvas route that you choose to take, it’s important to keep in mind that practice is going to get you to stage of conceptualization that is needed. For people that are more visual learners, a tip that will create immediate gains, is a whiteboard or dry-erase board. You can then quickly, enhance or take away your iterations, whether you are using a marker or post-it note. With these methods of canvasing and some hard work, it’l be clear as to how to get to the next step of building a model that engages your audience, as well as makes your thoughts more likely to be translatable into action.

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