Why Business Modelling Makes Sense

June 8, 2016 - By 

Business models are at the core of any new venture. They require time and execution, done right, so that the rest of the company building process can thrive. There are many resources and tutorials to this action, and ûp is going to be touching on some these in the upcoming months. Business modelling serves as a great way to take a closer look and then zoom out of what a startup is and can be, all about.

Sure there are other methods, such as writing a business plan, the lean startup and agile waterfall methodology, but working on a business model canvas liberates the entrepreneur or intrapreneur, into developing a unique value proposition with themselves in mind, as well as the customer. It is encouraged to work on a canvas, off and online. You’ll soon begin to understand the ins and outs of outlining an effective business model through ongoing practice.

ûp looks forward to helping you along this journey, and providing the latest in business modelling innovation, as well as creating a fantastic marketplace, for designers and buyers, in the process.

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